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Popular Snow Event Layouts

How much area each ton of snow covers approximately

Tons of IceSquare Footage
5 Tons750 ft²
10 Tons1,500 ft²
15 Tons2,250 ft²
20 Tons3,000 ft²
30 Tons4,500 ft²
40 Tons30 x 50 ft²

Suggested Capacities

(by Number of Participants)

 2 - 6
Years old
7 - 12
Years old
Years old
5 Tons201612
10 Tons605040
20 Tons12010080
40 Tons240200160

Snow Event Pricing

All events are very different from each other. Distance, location of the snow, amount of snow and time of year are important variables in pricing your event. Please contact our snow team at 602-288-8348 to get the most accurate pricing for your event.

During the Saturdays in December, there is a 15 ton minimum. Here are some estimates for different snow event scenarios:
Within 30 miles of Ice Now’s zip code 85009 – Saturday in October:
5 Tons of Snow starts at $225 per ton and can go down based on number of tons.

How Much Snow Should We Get?

40 tons of snow can suit 250 kids throughout the day. Please take a look at the following pictures to size up the amount of snow that you want. The more snow is always the merrier! We understand budget, space, time of year, number of people, etc are important factors when deciding on a snow amount.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ice Now crushes ice into a fine powder and is each ton of snow covers 180 sq ft. approximately 4 inches deep.

We have a 5 ton minimum year-round. During peak December weekends the minimum is 10 tons.

Packages start at $900 for home events. There are other variables for snow pricing. Ask about volume pricing for 10+ tons. Please call Ice Now’s Snow Department at (602) 288-8348 or email us at to learn more about pricing and availability.

December dates fill up fast so it is important to contact Ice Now as soon as possible to secure a date and time.

It is dependent on weather and how much activity on the snow. Summer snow events do not last nearly as long as winter.

If there is road access near your backyard. We have an 80ft reach from truck. Check out Ice Now’s Snow Event Ideas.

Snow Party at Your Home

A Winter Wonderland In Your Front Yard
Ice Now snow production makes birthday parties, Christmas events, New Year’s parties, and any celebration picture-perfect.

Ice Now’s Snow Team travels all over the Valley to private residences to produce snow. Condo complex, gated community, master planned community, Ice Now will make it snow. Please call our Snow Team at (602) 288-8348

Church Snow Events

Snow events are perfect for churches. We produce snow for spiritual groups throughout the valley. Church leaders have the added pressure of serving the community and coming up with new, exciting ideas for events throughout the year. Ice Now takes some of that pressure off organizers by making the logistics as simple as possible.

When you hire Ice Now, you get service from the first call you make, to the last ‘goodbye’ of the day.

Church snow event setups range from 10-60+ tons of snow, depending on the number of people attending. Please contact the Snow Team at (602) 288-8348 to learn more about pricing, sizes, etc.

School Snow Events

We normally get calls from schools for one of two reasons. Either students living in the arid desert of Arizona need to learn about something they know little about, or they are being rewarded by staff members with a snow party.

Snow is great for educational purposes. Touching, feeling, and experiencing snow is much better than just reading about it in books.

Typical school setups range from 7-15 tons of snow, depending on the size of the school. Please contact the Snow Team at (602) 288-8348 to learn more about pricing, sizes, etc.

Commercials and Shows

Ice Now produces snow all over the Southwest for television and social media productions.
Here is a video of Ice Now Snow for a Mercedes Benz Van Commercial:

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Snow Event Ideas

Are you tired of the everyday birthday party, corporate event or Christmas Party?

Try a Snow Party at your place of business, home or organization. Snow parties are fun for every age, whether you are making snowmen, snow angels, having snow ball fights or sledding down a hill.

Ice Now can create you any snow scene you would like. Turn your home into a winter wonderland any time of the year.

Here are some Event Ideas in which snow would be a huge hit:

    • Company – Employee and Family Appreciation Day
    • School – Reward the students with a Snow Day (teachers can talk about snow science too!)
    • Church – Wintertime snow play day
    • Home Owners Associations – Community fun day event. Snow area for kids and sledding on a hill or have Ice Now bring a slope.
    • Home – Your own private winter wonderland. Have all the neighbors join in on the fun.
    • Snowboard Events – We spray the snow and you grab your board to hit the slopes.

Produce Snow for Transportation

We spray snow at your site or ours

Whether you are a local Arizona grower or passing through the state, Ice Now can spray produce snow into your truck, big or small. We grind ice up and it is blown into the back of a semi-truck, reaching all the way to the front.

This fine powder snow will keep your produce cold for a medium or long haul.

Local produce growers have used Ice Now to cover their produce boxes and bins for hauls across the United States. Additionally, growers from the East coast have trucks stop into Ice Now to cover their loads for the warmer trek to California.

Contact Ice Now’s Snow Team if you have any inquiries about our produce snow.


Contact our team to schedule ice for your event

Someone will get back to you ASAP!

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