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Snow Events

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the snow cover?

Ice Now crushes ice into a fine powder and is each ton of snow covers 200 sq ft. approximately 4 inches deep. Here are some examples:

What is the minimum?

We have a 5 ton minimum year-round. During peak December weekends the minimum is 10 tons.

What is the cost for Snow?

Packages start at $900 for home events. There are other variables for snow pricing. Ask about volume pricing for 10+ tons. Please call Ice Now’s Snow Department at (602) 288-8348 or email us at to learn more about pricing and availability.

When should I book a snow event?

December dates fill up fast so it is important to contact Ice Now as soon as possible to secure a date and time.

How long will the snow last?

Depending on weather and snow ordered, the snow can last 2-5 days in the winter.

Can we have snow in our backyard?

If there is road access near your backyard. We have an 80ft reach from truck. Check out Ice Now’s Snow Event Ideas.


Snow Party at Your Home

A Winter Wonderland In Your Front Yard

Looking for a centerpiece to your home entertainment needs?  Ice Now snow production makes birthday parties, Christmas events, New Year’s parties, and any celebration picture-perfect.

Ice Now’s Snow Team travels all over the Valley to private residences to produce snow. Condo complex, gated community, master planned community, Ice Now will make it snow. Please call our Snow Team at (602) 288-8348

High quality ice products with the purest water. Our delivery team is health department certified and handles your ice with care.

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