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How Much Ice Do You Need For A Party?

How Much Ice Do You Need for a Party?

How much ice do I need is a common question for those planning a large party or company party. It’s definitely disappointing when you’re having a company party or barbecue in your backyard, and you’ve run out of ice. So how much ice for the party? A good benchmark to follow is to at least bring 40 pounds of ice for every 20 people you have. This ensures that you have enough ice to last you for the entire party.

What do you need to do in order to ensure that you never run out of ice again? There are two solutions: ordering bags of ice from a local ice delivery company, and the other way is to source your own ice by purchasing enough bags of ice or using an ice maker machine.

Calculating How Much Ice Needed

A general rule of thumb is having 2 pounds of ice per head. Outdoor summer gatherings can see closer to the 3 pound range or more. You can get a better idea of how much ice to supply with an ice calculator.

The next question to answer is how to supply the ice, whether ordering ice from an ice distributor or buying your own bags of ice.

How Much Ice Do You Need for a Party

How to Buy Ice

Ideally, you will need 2 pounds of ice per guest so that you have ample ice for the party. The cost per pound will vary.

For those who tend to host a lot of parties, it’s more common to order bags of ice from a company or buy many bags of ice from a local store. There are times when using an ice maker is a great option. But how many bags of ice for a party? Well, many bags come in different sizes. Standard bags of ice around local stores have 10-20 pound bags of ice on average, the majority of the times 10 lbs. With such a small bag, having an ice maker could be the best solution, but that ice maker needs to be pumping out enough ice for the entire party – which unless you using a commercial machine, chances it will not be to slow to produce enough ice.

Using an Ice Maker

Using an ice maker can be a great choice depending on the size of the party and how efficient the ice maker can produce ice.

  • Quick – Can be fast at producing ice. On average, it can take 12 to 20 minutes to produce ice.
  • High Production – Ice makers can produce 20 to 60 pounds of ice per day.
  • Trustworthy and Effective – These ice makers have amazing durability and last for a really long time. You just need to ensure you do the servicing and maintenance required to maintain this machine.
  • Worth the Expense – Ice makers are a great investment long term. For those that always need a bit of ice for events, activities or parties, it’s amazing to have. You will pay a lot for an ice maker, but it saves you money per pound of ice than you would have to buy at the store.


How Many Bags of Ice Do I Need?
Calculating the Amount of Ice Needed for A Party?

With knowing the general rule of supplying at least 2 pounds of ice per person. Hiring a local ice distribution company is probably the best way to supply ice for large gatherings. The use of a portable ice maker, can have draw backs depending on the amount needed to pump out throughout the party. Purchasing bags of ice can be a good choice if needing less than a 100 pounds of ice. Hiring a company on average saves costs on travel, storage, and costs per pound of ice.




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