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Glendale, Arizona

Bagged Ice Delivery, Crushed Ice Supplier, Snow for Events

All Ice Now ice products are produced with “no touch” technology. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing customers with safe and clean products. Even our drivers are certified for food handling and delivery either both for storage and current use.

10 Lb. Bags

10 lb. Bags

Our most popular product for retail, construction, commercial accounts.

20 Lb. Bags

20 lb. Bags

These bulk bags are perfect for restaurants, events, and more!

40 Lb. Bags

40 lb. Bags

These bulk bags are perfect for restaurants, events, and more!

10 Lb. Block Ice

10 lb. Block Ice

Block bags are ideal for commercial purposes and to fill water coolers.

Unsure of How Much Ice You Need?

High quality ice products with the purest water. Our delivery team is health department certified and handles your ice with care.

A Bulk & Bagged Ice Delivery Company in Glendale

It was 2009 when Ice Now started on its rapid journey to being the premier ice company in Arizona for events, construction companies, and restaurant groups. This rise to prominence came on the back of a commitment to offering the highest levels of service in the Arizona ice business.

By 2012, snow events became part of the Ice Now repertoire of services due to the company’s enduring focus on excellent customer service. This business continues to grow as we add more snow machines each and every year.

It was in 2013 that Ice Now expanded its premier service into Nevada with the opening in Las Vegas of Ice Now NV. The same quality of ice delivery services that worked in Arizona quickly became a hit in Las Vegas and beyond.

Ice Now has always been a company that is owned and operated by its employees. This fosters the team approach to making the customer experience the best that is possible. If you are interested in working at this company, ask here about a career with the premier ice company in the Southwest.

All quality ice products at Ice Now are produced using no-touch technology. Delivering a safe and clean ice product to your door is the focus of our team every single work day. Our drivers are even certified as food handlers for bringing you ice for immediate use or storage.

Glendale Ice Delivery Service

In order to make sure that our customers never run short of ice, we use technology that monitors your ice levels in real time. Our dispatchers have this information at their fingertips and use our advanced algorithms to predict when you need your next ice delivery. Thus, Glendale, AZ customers do not even need to place orders. We ever go so far as to place sensors in your ice box to monitor temperature levels to warn you if there any danger of your ice melting. You will never find yourself short of ice just when sales go up. We even send you a text message when the driver is on the way with your delivery and include a map so you can track where the truck is and when to expect delivery.

Reliable Restaurant Ice Delivery

Although nearly all Glendale restaurants and bars have their own ice machines, their equipment may not be sufficient to keep up during hours of peak demand. On top of that, ice machines can be tricky and run into repair and maintenance problems at the most inconvenient times. Ice Now stands ready to supply emergency ice whenever your facility needs it.

Cocktail Ice for Restaurant and Bar

When your ice machine is not keeping up on a busy evening, contact Ice Now for 24-7 emergency ice delivery throughout Glendale and the surrounding area. Our drivers will bring ice when you need it and either put it into storage or pour it right into your bins or ice wells.

Ice Distribution in Glendale

Ice Now has developed a network of trustworthy affiliates throughout Arizona. This means that when you work with Ice Now for your ice supply you can be certain that clean, pure ice is always delivered to you whenever you need it. You can always tell if it is ice from Ice Now by the purity and lack of any aftertaste.

For Those with Their Own Ice Machines

Many who have never used our services say that they have their own ice machine and don’t need delivered ice. This state of affairs continues until their machine stops working on a hot July day when every customer wants and iced drink! That is when they join our large group of customers who sign up for emergency backup ice services any hour of the day and seven days a week.

Glendale, Arizona

The dynamic city of Glendale is located in the northwest corner of the Phoenix metro area. Its population of nearly 240,000 makes it Arizona’s sixth largest city. Glendale has a broad cross-section of the economic and social makeup of Arizona. Although it was founded as a separate community in 1892, Glendale has become a vibrant city that complements the Phoenix metro region. From a city built on irrigation and farming the small town character of Glendale survived as the city has grown into a tourist magnet with its heritage, excellent planning, and community spirit. Glendale is one of the most diverse and unique cities in Arizona with things to do for exploring and enjoying your visit.

Average Glendale, AZ Weather

Glendale features hot and dry summers and cool but not cold winters. Daytime highs typically run up to 106 degrees in the summer and down to 44 degrees in the winter. “Snow birds” from the northern states always enjoy the fact that you do not need to own a snow shovel in Glendale, AZ.

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