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Can You Use Ice Cubes To Water Orchids?

Can You Use Ice Cubes to Water Orchids?

Timeless and classy, orchids are one of the most famous and trendy plants. This is why watering orchids can be a pleasant experience. Thanks to the orchids’ beautiful flowers that can last for days, they have become a hit among plant lovers. Orchids are air plants that can be grown in minimal soil and are often grown in coarse barks. Can you use ice cubes to water orchids? Let’s take a look at the orchid care ice cube trick that some recommend.

As epiphytes or air plants, orchids are tricky to water. You may wonder if you have watered the plant enough, especially when you see the water flow out of the bark. This is why bagged ice cubes have been promoted as an easy trick in watering orchids. Ice may only be used for snow events, but orchid hobby growers sometimes water orchid with ice cube even when commercial growers don’t.

Can You Use Ice Cubes to Water Orchids

Can You Use Ice Cubes to Water Orchids

What the Studies Say

Do orchids and ice cubes work great? The orchid care ice cube trick was put to test. Studies conducted by the University of Georgia and the Ohio State University prove that no significant progress was observed when scientists tried to water orchid with ice cube. Three ice cubes were used versus tap water equivalent to their amount. No differences were observed in terms of flower longevity and plant growth and health when watering orchids with ice cube was done.

In a period of four to six months in both universities, 48 Phalaenopsis plants were grown in a bark to study watering orchids with ice. Every week, three ice cubes equivalent to 5.4 tablespoons were added to each container. The orchids’ overall health was not affected. The temperature of the bark and the aerial root decreased when watering orchids with ice, but within five hours it returned to normal room temperature.

Caring for Your Orchids

Can you use ice cubes to water orchids? You can but do so with caution.

Excess Water

Any excess water in watering orchids with ice cubes must be drained from the pot because orchids do not thrive well in standing water. At the same time, avoid placing ice directly on the leaves or on the aerial roots because the water won’t be sufficient to drain to the container’s bottom part.

Watering Orchids with Ice

Watering Orchids with Ice

Lack of Water

Orchid leaves that lack water turn flaccid and give off a color of dull silver. If you see your orchids being flaccid, make sure to water them well. Doing so will have the leaves firm and turn into a healthy green.

Watering your orchids using ice cubes is an easy means of maintaining their health. If you plan to keep orchids only for months or weeks, then it can be the easiest way of watering them especially when you want to make good use of ice deliveries to your home.

Now you know when can you use ice cubes to water orchids, you may consider it for a low-maintenance routine in orchid gardening. There are really no downsides to having orchids and ice cubes together, so you can give it a shot.
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