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Reliable Ice Delivery. Ice Now’s #1 product is always our service, however our ice products are of the highest quality!



Real Snow produced on-site for any event. Ice Now has traveled the western US to provide professional snow events any time of year.



Ice for any size event! Large festivals or backyard gatherings, Ice Now has the packaged ice, equipment and manpower to take care of your event. Contact our Event Team today.

Arizona's Most Predictable and Reliable Ice Supplier

Our team is dedicated to providing a high level of customer service. Ice Now’s drivers make sure your delivery is on time and handled correctly on-site.

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Ice Now Can Be Seen On

Have a look at the reviews from some of the many happy customers.


Ice Delivery Customer Examples

Ice Now is the most consistent and reliable ice company in Arizona. Our team is focused on providing the highest level of service in the market at a fair price. Contact us to experience the difference.

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Retail Accounts

Convenience stores, grocery, gas stations, warehouse retailers and more count on Ice Now to provide quality bagged ice and ice merchandisers.

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Construction & Commercial Deliveries

Ice Now has a strong focus on servicing the construction and commercial industries. Your workers in the field sweat under the hot sun. It is vital to have a reliable supply of ice onsite. Contractors, landscapers, plumbers, electricians, concrete customers and many more rely on Ice Now to provide ice storage and bagged ice on a daily basis.


Restaurants and Bars

Ice Now provides quick and reliable response to Restaurants and Bars. Most have ice makers onsite, but they do not consistently produce ice throughout the year. Ice Now is your go-to ice supplier when your establishment is in need.


Event Ice

Ice Now provides logistical support for any size event. Merchandisers, trucks, trailers and more can be provided. Full distribution services are also available across the Valley i.e. Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa and all areas in Maricopa County.

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