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Snowboard Event for Arizona

How Much Snow Should We Get?

Our minimum of 2 tons of snow is perfect for 10 kids. 40 tons of snow can suit 500 kids throughout the day. Please take a look at the following pictures to size up the amount of snow that you want. The more snow is always the merrier! We understand budget, space, time of year, number of people, etc are important factors when deciding on a snow amount. 

Snow Event Ideas

Are you tired of the everyday birthday party, corporate event or Christmas Party?

Try a Snow Party at your place of business, home or organization. Snow parties are fun for every age, whether you are making snowmen, snow angels, having snow ball fights or sledding down a hill.

Ice Now can create you any snow scene you would like. Turn your home into a winter wonderland any time of the year. 

Here are some Event Ideas in which snow would be a huge hit:

  • Company - Employee and Family Appreciation Day
  • School - Reward the students with a Snow Day (teachers can talk about snow science too!)
  • Church - Wintertime snow play day
  • Home Owners Associations - Community fun day event. Snow area for kids and sledding on a hill or have Ice Now bring a slope.
  • Home - Your own private winter wonderland. Have all the neighbors join in on the fun.
  • Snowboard Events - We spray the snow and you grab your board to hit the slopes.

Check out our main Snow Events page for more information.

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