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Ice Now Bagged Ice and block ice for events

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ice Now have a minimum order?

When ordering 40# bags, Ice Now has a 15 bag minimum. It fills an average ice machine bin. and can typically serve 150 people at an outdoor event. We have different minimums for 10# and 20# bags, please call to inquire.

How fast can you deliver to a business or residence?

If your delivery is pre-scheduled, we ask for a 45min delivery window and if order is an on-demand (emergency) order, we typically average an hour and half delivery time from phone call to delivery (time varies for on-demand orders depending on how close or far away our closest driver is).

300 lb. Clear Ice Block

Ice Now Customers Include:

  • Restaurants and Bars

  • Construction Yards and Sites

  • Special Events

  • Hospitality and Golf Courses

  • Churches and Schools

  • Private Residences and Many More

10lb. Compressed Block Ice

10lb. Bag of cocktail ice

40 lb. Bag  and 20lb. Bag of cocktail ice.

​Perfect for Events and Parties

High Quality Ice Products

Ice Now #1 product is always our service, but our ice products are of the highest quality. We aim to provide the best products in the marketplace. Various ice bag and ice block sizes are available.

  • 10 lb. Bag and 10 lb. Block
  • 20 lb. Bags
  • 40 lb. Bags
  • 300 lb. Block
Ice Trailer