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Ice Machine and Bin Cleaning Service

Safe and Productive Ice Machine

Our skilled team of ice machine cleaning technicians take apart your ice machine, scrub and disinfect the necessary ice production components. The ice in the bin is cleaned out and entire ice storage bin is cleaned inside and out.

The added advantage of using Ice Now for this service is, your business does not stop. We bring fresh, bagged ice to replace the ice we are cleaning out.

Regular Ice Machine Cleanings

Semi-annual service is encouraged and price breaks are given for one year contracts and for multiple locations. Your investment into an ice machine should not stop at purchase, ongoing maintenance and regular cleanings should be a part of your establishment's deep cleaning. Ice Now is here to help you with the ice machine, which can be temperamental, technical and typically overlooked, but not to the health department. 

Even newer machines reveal instant calcium, slime and mold build up. If the machine is located in a kitchen or near back door, accelerated contamination may occur.

Call Ice Now today to ask about our ice machine cleaning service and how we can help you pass your next health inspection.

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