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Home Ice Delivery

Ice Delivery Right to Your Home or Party

Ice Now products are available for home delivery. Our friendly drivers serve the Phoenix community in all their ice needs.Our most popular services are snow delivery, bagged ice for parties, and ice to cool swimming pools. Live in a gated community? No problem. We still come to you.

Get a free estimate for your next home party or swimming pool ice order.

How much ice do I need for my party?

This is a frequently asked question with several factors to take into account. How many guests? Indoor or Outdoor? Serving Water/Wine or Cocktails or All?

Take number of guests and multiply times the following factor for pounds per person:

Indoor Party + Water and Wine = 2 lbs. per person

Indoor Party + Water, Wine and Cocktails = 3 lbs. per person

Outdoor Party + Water and Wine = 3 lbs. per person

Outdoor Party + Water, Wine and Cocktails = 4 lbs. per person

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