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Construction Ice Block Bag Delivery in Phoenix AZ

Construction ice supply 

Yard or Job-site crews

We value our relationships with professional construction companies. Outdoor labor projects rely on Ice Now to provide cold ice throughout the year, both block and bagged ice delivery. Keeping your crews hydrated is vital. Relieve you crew managers of sending workers to the store to pickup ice daily and dealing with reimbursing employees for ice purchases. Ice can be delivered right to your site at wholesale prices. 

Samples of customers include, general contractors, electrical, Additional outdoor block and bagged ice customers include solar technology teams, algae farms and other renewable energy groups.

Bagged Ice or block ice? What’s the difference?

Construction companies typically order bagged or block bulk ice on regular schedules. Block Vs. Bag is just a preference thing. Bagged ice can be put into smaller coolers, ice chests for water/food and typically cools water faster. 

Block ice is a great option when customers need the ice to last all day in the hot sun. As weather heats up, the block will melt into drinking water, but slower than bagged ice. Construction teams can enjoy cold water all day long without an emergency trip to the store.

Ice Now's largest ice merchandiser holds 270, 10 lb. bags and 300, 10 lb. block. When 40 lb. bags are needed, 60 can be placed in the largest box. 

Ice Merchandisers and Ice Storage

Have a large-scale construction project? Then we recommend you order an ice merchandiser, storage freezer, or ice event trailer.

Merchandisers and ice storage rentals  they make the difference between having what you need when you need it. And wasting time running to the store to pick up more. Ice Now is happy to make an emergency delivery, but we help avoid the pain of going without what you need. Planning ahead is always the best strategy in the heat.

Quality. Guaranteed.

Whichever product you choose, your construction company can rest assured that we are delivering the best in quality ice. Ice Now will never sacrifice quality for cost, or cost for customer service care. Call today for a wholesale ice quote. Discounts are available on bulk ice orders.

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