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Solar Project Ice Supply

​Alternative energy technology is a growing industry. Ice Now is proud to be a part of Green Energy projects in Arizona. In the last three years, Ice Now has provided bagged ice and cold storage units for solar projects in Gila Bend, AZ and Arlington, AZ; Areas where sweltering summer days consistently stay above 110 degrees. The Gila Bend project, at its peak, had 2,000+ workers. They installed parabolic mirrors to generate 300MW of solar energy.The Arlington, AZ solar project had 500 workers on site. The photovoltaic solar project will produce 250MW of energy for California.

Ice for Algae Production

Besides Unique Ice Uses for bakeries and concrete production, Ice Now has been contracted to provide ice for algae production. The desert is ideal for algae production, but sometimes it requires ice. We provide ice blocks to be placed into large tanks of algae in the testing and production phase. Ice Now is proud to be a part of a green energy future.

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Commercial Ice Uses

Ice Now is Arizona's Business to Business Ice Provider

Ice for Concrete, Chemical Processes, Baked Goods, Green Energy Conversion and Many More!

Everyone knows what ice is and what it does. But there are also unique ways our local commercial customers use the ice products they buy. Ice Now serves ice to concrete companies, bakeries, green energy businesses and more. Here are just a few ways these industries turn ice into workable assets.

Ready-Mix Ice

Construction crews regularly work around the clock. And to make concrete, they have to use ice.As concrete is being poured, it must hold at a set temperature.  Sometimes it takes truckloads of ice to keep it below 80 degrees in the summer heat. Chillers of cold water go into the concrete mix,  but in the sweltering Phoenix heat, it takes ice to lower the temperature enough to make concrete. For concrete deliveries, Ice Now often provide more than a semi-truck load of ice. Not only do we have the trucks to get ice products to the job site, we also go the extra mile when the loading and unloading of the delivery. Even for semi-size orders.

Bakery Ice Supply

Phoenix area bakeries also use ice in unique ways. Baked goods need to hold at the correct temperature when commercial companies make them in large batches. Ice Now delivers premium bags of ice to regulate temperature in baking. This is just one more reason why our ice products go through rigorous testing. We ensure nothing will affect the quality of our customer’s product

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